Iran Visa


About Iran Visa

In Visit Our Iran we have made the process of taking Iranian visa very simple. Fill the visa application form below, pay the application fee. We’ll get your authorization code which indicates that you have Iranian visa (E-visa). You can collect your visa from any of the Iranian embassies and consulates or upon arrival at any of Iranian international airports.

Except for passport holders of few countries who can travel Iran without Visa, all other foreigners are welcomed to travel Iran only if they have Iran visa. Please read our Visa FAQ section for more detailed information.

Visa FAQ

Please note that citizens of US/UK can apply for the visa application too. They can travel in Iran but they should be accompanied with a tour guide and they can not travel solo.

Application fee: 15€ (20€ for US and Canadian citizens , 25€ for UK citizens)


Get your visa in 4 steps

  • fill the online application form and submit your application
  • Receive the confirmation and pay application fee
  • Get the authorization code of your visa
  • collect your visa from embassy/airport