Join us in a magical journey to experience Iran’s wild frontiers, spot and befriend the wild animals, track down their footsteps, and take care of their natural habitats along with the rangers in protected areas.


Join us in a magical journey to experience Iran’s wild frontiers, spot and befriend the wild animals, track down their footsteps, and take care of their natural habitats along with the rangers in protected areas.

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Best Time to See Wildlife in Iran

Each season has got its alluring spell to charm the wildlife. We cannot pick a particular season or month of the year to discover the wild sanctuaries. In this thrilling point lies the surprise of nature, and we can guess what she’s got in store for us. The autumn fills the atmosphere with a moderate temperature for Iran wild frontiers, and we might be able to see the bears that are eagerly looking for the autumn fruits like wild pears and barberries. The moderate weather of autumn provides us with one of the best times to see wildlife in Iran. In spring, however, the birds come out to sing with the symphony of green lands. But, observing urial sheep and Persian ibexes might be more challenging since spring is the best season to give birth. Although summer’s weather is hot and dry, it causes the animals to gather at waterholes and ponds. Winter also has its marvels despite the bitter coldness. For instance, goitered gazelles are furrier and more beautiful during this season. You can simply plan a wildlife vacation based on your priorities and let Mother Nature surprise you.

The Marvels of Wildlife in Iran

  • Responsible Travel and Its Unexpected Joys

  • Memorable Experiences of Bird Watching

  • Home to Endangered Species, Persian Leopard and Asiatic Cheetah

  • The Excitement of Tracking Bears

    Wildlife Destinations in Iran

    Golestan National Park, the Diverse Narrative of Nature

    Come with us to see the narrative of nature twisting and turning in the breadth of Golestan National Park. This park is rich in both flora and fauna. In our exploration, we might be able to see wild animals such as wild boars, Persian leopards, brown bears, Caspian red deer, roe deer, goitered gazelles, Persian ibexes, Urial sheep, and birds like golden eagles, common buzzards, woodpeckers, see-see partridges, griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, black vultures, and bearded vultures.

    Hormozgan Province, Magical Birding Along the Coastline

    Hormozgan Province is one of the unique places to go for birding in Iran. Among the Mangrove forests that have spread their shadow on the surface of wetlands and estuaries along the coastline, we can find many precious bird species. Lichtenstein’s sandgrouse, goliath heron, great stone plover, oriental white-eye, greater and lesser sand plover, great knots, crab-plovers, Sind woodpeckers, and swift terns are among the many more aquatic birds you might see if you venture for a birding tour in Iran.

    Kavir National Park, The Mesmerizing Mysteries of Desert

    In these vast desert lands, a large population of jebeer gazelles and Persian onagers have gathered. Join us to see the cute sand cats hiding among thorny bushes. Caracals, grey wolves, striped hyenas, sand and foxes, are among the other wild animals you might see among the salt pans of Kavir National Park. You might be lucky to see one of the few remaining Asiatic cheetahs in this area. Iranian ground jay, see-see partridge, and bustard are among the particular birds you will find sitting on the top of the shrubs.


    • How responsible are your wildlife-watching tours?

      We believe that it is our responsibility to preserve the wildlife and the natural reserves and responsible travel and sustainable travel are essential to us. In our tours, we’d love to befriend nature and its wild creatures. Our tours are designed to get the local people involved and promote the local economy. We also believe that it’s our duty to support wildlife conservation projects and rangers in Iran protected areas through financial donations. These financial donations are also collected from our wildlife tour fees.

    • What sorts of wildlife vacations does VisitOurIran offer?

      We have tried to design our tours to satisfy all tastes; we have particular birding tours and experiences, brown bear tracking trip , and tours and experiences inside top national parks and protected areas in different parts of the country. You can also contact us to design your tailor-made tour.

    • Are your wildlife tours safe?

      Our wildlife tours and experiences are completely safe for everyone. Still, you already know that there’s no adventure without its thrills and incidents in the heart of nature.

    • Should I have travel insurance to be able to book your tour?

      Yes. Travel Insurance is compulsory for traveling to Iran regardless of your travel theme. We can arrange it for you; all you have to do is fill the application form for Iran Travel Insurance.

    • What kind of equipment should I bring with me?

      In almost all of the tours, you will need boots, binoculars, cameras, and sunglasses besides proper clothes, pants, and appropriate shoes. But in some other tours, as we have already mentioned in the tour description, you should have extra professional equipment. You can also ask for more information or rent your gear in Iran via contacting us.

    • Do I have mobile phone coverage/internet coverage in your wildlife tours?

      In almost 90 percent of tour destinations (i.e. rural areas and roads), you’ll have full mobile coverage and internet connection. However, it might not be the same in protected areas and uninhabited areas. If you want more information about specific regions, do not hesitate to contact our operators.

    • What kinds of accommodations and food do you include in your wildlife tours?

      All the details regarding food and accommodations are included in each tour’s descriptions. You just need to check out your favorite tour, and then if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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